2. I need to get a street camera with a built in flash.

  3. lightsideinhabitant:

    Wavering Light
    A photobook by Phuong Nguyen and Scott Williamson

    • 103 pages of 65 photos and original writing

    Now Available on HP MagCloud!

    Wavering Light is a photobook by Chicago-based film photographer Phuong Nguyen and Toronto-based designer Scott Williamson. The project evolved from a spontaneous e-mail conversation to nearly a year of continuous collaboration. The final product is a unique synthesis of design, writing, and photography by both artists.

    You can also preview the first few pages via the link above! Please let us know what you think if you decide to order a copy. :)

    Phuong’s Facebook | Flickr | tumblr
    Scott’s design portfolio | Flickr | tumblr


  5. Shapes and Forms

  6. Strangers and the moon in the sky.
    Olympus E-PM1  |    f/2.8  |   1/4000th

    Strangers and the moon in the sky.

  7. Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland

  8. Twin Trombones
    Olympus E-PM1  |    f/5.6  |   1/500th

    Twin Trombones


  9. Guernica’s Rachel Riederer writes, “Teaching college is no longer a middle class job,” due to American universities’ reliance on adjuncts: highly-educated instructors paid meagerly per course and rarely given benefits or a semblance of job security.

    An important read for any artists or anyone considering a career in professorship.

  10. Only Date Super Heroes
    Olympus E-PM1  |    f/5.6  |   1/2000th

    Only Date Super Heroes

  11. Old Guys Rule
    Olympus E-PM1  |    f/5.6  |   1/2000th

    Old Guys Rule

  12. Pepsi
    Olympus E-PM1  |    f/5.6  |   1/2000th


  13. I’m done moping.
    Olympus E-PM1  |    f/5.6  |   1/2000th

    I’m done moping.

  14. This is the bottom of my shoe.

  15. Detritus (Around this time last year.)

    Kodak Tri-X 400, Yashica FX-D Quartz